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Lethal Deal is a fast-paced, FPS Deckbuilding game. Inspired by Doom and Slay the Spire, it presents arena-style levels with intense combat coupled with strategic card play, which affects the player's damage and other elements of the gun to create a unique gameplay experience.

Lethal Deal takes place in the city of Warren - a sci-fi robot civilization where sentience thrives through the power of Psyche, to provide power. However, this essence becomes corrupted, slowly turning everything within the city into pure madness. You are tasked to venture into Warren, find the source of corruption and stop it from spreading further, to restore the city and its workers.

The player first arrives in a small factory room, where goods would be transported in, before immediately dropping down to a large data building. The first impression - there used to be life within these walls, but one that was cold and empty - a kind of "life" that a robot would have if they were to have sentience.

Then, you find yourself in the city's train station, the center of commute, but everything has halted to a stand still. The citizens - either lifeless or corrupted to madness.

The further you venture into the city, the more corrupted it becomes, with underground corridors and boss arenas being the most overgrown. The corruption is displayed as this organic, living animation in juxtaposition to the cold, hard objects around the city - it does not belong there. The atmosphere it creates is similar to that of underwater plants overgrowing sunken ships - imposturous, but beautiful in its own way.

After fighting through the corrupted corridors, you find yourself overlooking a large waiting area, where the corruption is slowly seeping in. But, things are not how they used to be - this area is now a large open arena - a playground.

After a success in cleansing the area, you then follow the path into the deep underground, where the Warden of the city is found and the source of corruption is seeping through the walls.. You must follow your mission to exterminate the source of the corruption.


Mouse & Keyboard required


Developed by Inline 9:

Daniel Scott-Wilson - Tech Art, Props & Lighting
Niall Crabtree - Game Design
Liam Bradbury - VFX & UI
Migle Ignotaite - 3D Character art, 2D art
Aspen Thompson - Programming
Wes Etherington - Programming

& Outsourcing:

Salvatore Tarantino - Programming
Rebecca Emmett - Audio


Lethal Deal v12.0 928 MB